Is Plantee for Me?

Meet the users of the most advanced indoor greenhouse ever made.

My name's Otto

I love having plants at home, but I can’t seem to keep one alive!

Why I bought Plantee

My previous growing experiences were utter disasters. No matter what I tried, all my house plants were dead within a month.

Plantee has made growing so much easier for me and allows even me to enjoy plants in my home. All I have to do is choose my plant from Plantee’s database of plant profiles, Planteebase, and add the soil and seeds. Then Plantee and the built-in guide handles all the tough stuff on my behalf!

Since I’ve had my Plantee, the first thing I do every morning is check for new plant growth. It makes me so happy to see new leaves peaking out.

I’m currently growing rosemary

I wanted something basic to start with, and not only does rosemary smell amazing, but it’s useful, too. The seeds were easy to get, and next week I’ll be able to make my own rosemary potatoes!

I want fresh rosemary, too!

Hi, I’m Rose

My friends call me Rose the Green Thumb. I’m an avid gardener and have been growing plants since I was 9. I already have many plants at home, but living in Northern Canada, my home environment just isn’t suitable for growing my favorite tropical plants.

Why I bought Plantee

Ever since successfully growing my first chickpea as a child, I’ve been interested in plants. As I gained experience, I wanted to take care of more demanding plants.

Plantee’s a dream for a hobbyist like me. I have complete control over watering, lighting, heating, and humidifying, and it even monitors fertilizer and water tank levels while logging growth progress! Thanks to these amazing features, I can now easily grow non-native plants that wouldn't normally thrive in my northern home.

As a seasoned gardener, I get to spread my knowledge and expertise to fellow plant enthusiasts through Planteebase. This one-of-a-kind plant database allows me to effortlessly create new profiles, fine-tune the variables, and share the best settings with the entire community! It's such a great feeling to share the love of plants with others.

I have a Meyer lemon tree in my Plantee

Growing lemons where I live is simply impossible. With Plantee, my gardening dream has became a reality! I’m so excited to see how many lemons I can produce this year.

Grow your own lemon tree!

My name is Mark

I’ve recently moved to Manhattan and have just finished renovating my new downtown apartment. I have a demanding job, but I really wanted some greenery at home.

Why I bought Plantee

I’ve always wanted to have a stylish natural element in my modern home, but with my busy job, I also knew I didn’t have enough time to take proper care of plants. Plantee was the perfect solution!

The anodized aluminum design and bright lights make Plantee the focal point of my living room. Everyone who visits my flat is amazed, not only at the design but the innovative technology, too.

I decided to go for a rather expensive bonsai tree, and I wanted to make sure it got the proper care without me getting too involved.

I am growing a European Olive Bonsai

The ancient look of the 40 year-old bonsai is just my cup of tea, but it needs rather intense care.  Plantee takes care of all the nitty gritty for me, leaving me to enjoy the aesthetic of a healthy bonsai after returning from a long day at work.

I want my own olive tree!


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