No More Underwatering and Overwatering Your Plants

  • by Leah Hiller
No More Underwatering and Overwatering Your Plants

Live plants are a fantastic way to add some life and beauty to your space, but just like us, they need proper care to grow and flourish. When it comes to water, too much or too little can have disastrous consequences for our leafy friends.

Plantee’s experts are here to help! Let’s take a closer look at the dangers of underwatering and overwatering plants and give you some tips on keeping your plants lush and thriving.


Signs of Underwatering Plants

Underwatering can have some less than desirable effects on your plants. Signs of underwatering plants include dry soil, yellowing leaves, and wilting. When seen in combination, this means your plants aren’t getting enough water to prosper. 

How Can You Prevent Underwatering?

If you're lucky enough to have a Plantee smart indoor greenhouse, you can sit back and let the integrated watering system work for you. But even if you haven't gotten your hands on a Plantee yet, there are still plenty of steps you can take to prevent underwatering your house plants.

  1. Know your plant’s unique water needs – some plants naturally drink more than others
  2. Check the soil moisture regularly by sticking your finger into the soil
  3. Water deeply so the moisture reaches the roots (but be sure to follow our experts’ advice on preventing overwatering, too!)
  4. Adjust your watering schedule if you're finding the soil is consistently dry or wet
  5. Keep an eye on your home environment - factors like temperature, humidity, and light levels can affect a plant's water usage


Signs of Overwatering Plants

While it’s tempting to (literally) shower our plants with love, when plant roots sit in water too long, they don’t get the oxygen they need. Mushy soil, root rot, yellowing leaves, and pests (they love moist soil) are all signs of underwatering plants to watch out for. Overwatering plants is most often caused by a pot without adequate drainage. 

How Can You Prevent Overwatering?

Preventing overwatering can be a challenge, especially since the amount of water each plant needs can vary based on its species, the type of potting soil it's in, and even environmental factors in your home. But with a little care and attention and these tips, it's possible to keep your plants properly hydrated.

  1. Use a pot with drainage, aka holes in the bottom, so excess water can escape
  2. Check the soil moisture regularly by sticking your finger into the soil
  3. Allow the soil to dry out between waterings to give your plants a break
  4. Use a potting mix that drains well – these usually contain perlite or sand to help prevent water from becoming trapped in the soil
  5. Consider using a soil moisture meter (just like Plantee!) 

Trust the Experts

Even experienced plant growers find the overwatering vs underwatering battle tiring. Worse yet is once the damage is done, it's often difficult to restore your plants to their former glory.

Relax and let Plantee’s experts do the heavy lifting! Our leading smart indoor greenhouse has an integrated watering system that takes care of the guesswork for you while our plant care app keeps you updated on customized care tips, all tailored to your plant's specific needs.

Treat your plants to the TLC they deserve by ordering your own Plantee today!


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