Plantee Innovations

The Prague-based startup behind the smart indoor greenhouse
What the founders have to say

"I've always loved experimenting with different conditions for my plants, but when I got one thing right, the others just backfired. I thought I can’t be the only one who struggles, but there seemed to be no product on the market providing a comprehensive solution that controls and maintains the optimal environment for growing plants" says Ondra Zbytek, CEO and co-founder of Plantee Innovations.

"So, as an electrical engineer and entrepreneur, I decided to change that and invent a solution that would make any plant at home never struggle again. And that solution is Plantee," adds Zbytek.

Environmental commitments

Long-lasting design

A long-lasting design was a crucial factor in designing Plantee, and we therefore selected only durable materials. For example, the chassis itself is made from aluminium that lasts for incredibly long amounts of time. We not only use long-lasting materials but also durable electronics components, such as custom-made LEDs rated for 10+ years and fans equipped with magnetic bearings. But still, we went even further. No components are irreplaceable! And for components with a higher probability of wearing out over time, we used quick-disconnect connectors which allow end-users to easily replace components without any special tools or skills. To support and promote lean manufacturing and agile design, we use FDM 3D printing technology for easy printing of spare parts anywhere from open access printing files, thereby minimizing dependency on the original manufacturer.

Reusability and recyclability

When we designed Plantee, we wanted use materials in the product which support maximum possible recycling. We therefore selected recyclable single materials, such as aluminium, and single-type plastics which end-users can easily separate and place into suitable recycling containers or collection points. The materials we use are easily identifiable and widely recognized as easily recyclable throughout the world.

Sustainable materials

Plantee is committed to sustainability. We use nontoxic materials only. These materials are generally considered food-safe and do not contain any micro plastics. All the electronic parts we use in Plantee (PCBs included) comply with the strict RoHS directive which bans the use of mercury, cadmium, lead, and other toxic heavy metals to protect the environment. Our packaging is also paper-based and covered in single-colour water-soluble ink which poses no environmental risks. To further maximize sustainability and promote the product’s longevity, we have a “no vendor lock-in” policy. Under this policy, Plantee works with any soil or seed products. Users will therefore not become dependent on the company for consumables and can save shipping costs and support local soil and seed producers.

Sustainable Distribution

To minimize the effect of the transportation carbon footprint, we have optimized the packaging to be as small as possible, yet durable and stackable. Plantee’s top cover contains a lot of empty space reserved for growth of the future plant. To reduce the transportation footprint, this space is used to pack user accessories. Many products delivered around the world often include country-specific electronic adaptors when only one is needed. To avoid such waste, we only add the country-specific power cable just before the package is shipped. For example, customers in the USA will only receive a local power plug, not European plugs which are useless to them, and vice versa.

Meet the team

Ondra Zbytek

Founder & CEO


Daniel Satke

Founder & CTO


Albina Nikiforova

Plant lover & customer support

More than 50 team members made Plantee possible

Valery, Tomas, Martina, Katerina, Karolina, Leah, Peter, Jirka, Vladimir, John, Martin and so many others!


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