Plantee ONE - the Smart Indoor Greenhouse

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Is Plantee for me?

Unsure if Plantee is for someone like you? Get to know Otto, Rose and Mark and find out how Plantee helps growers from beginners to experts!


What if my plant outgrows Plantee?

Plantee’s purpose is to help your plant reach its full potential. That’s why Plantee comes with extenders, giving your plant plenty of room to grow.

How big is Plantee?

Plantee measures 50 x 45 x 60 cm/19.7 x 17.7 x 23.6 in. (width x depth x height), making it the perfect size for side tables or focal points. Plantee’s total weight comes in at 24 lb/11.5 kg with the base weighing 17 lb/8 kg and the top arc 7 lb/3.5 kg.

What type of soil can be used in Plantee?

We believe in giving you the freedom to choose what's best for your plants. Thanks to our “no vendor lock-in” policy, you can choose any type of organic or mineral substrate you prefer to grow your plants in. The same goes for fertilizer. While we do offer a complex granular chlorine-free fertilizer, you're welcome to use any fertilizer you believe is best for your plants. We want to make sure that you have everything you need to grow healthy and happy plants in the way that works best for you.

Can I use tap water to fill the water tank?

The quick disconnect magnetic coupling allows you to fill the water tank quickly and easily. You can refill your Plantee with any type of water that is clean enough for plants (like tap water or rain water).

Can I use fertilizer?

Yes! You can use your own fertilizer or buy ours. We’ve partnered with fertilizer specialists to offer a complex granular chlorine-free fertilizer suited to a wide variety species (N: 12% (NH4NO3 + KNO3), P: 11% (P2O5), K: 18% (K2O), Mg: 2.7% (MgO), B: 0.015%, Zn: 0.02%, S: 8%).

What is Plantee made of?

Plantee looks gorgeous in premium anodized silk matt C6/EV1 aluminum. The supporting structure is made from single-component recyclable PETG using FDM 3D printing, and the single component ABS parts are created by vacuum forming.

How much energy does Plantee use, and is my voltage safe?

Plantee’s universal adaptor makes it safe to use any voltages between 85-264 VAC/47-63 Hz. The internal operating voltage of the smart greenhouse is 24 V. While the peak power input is 120 W, Plantee averages at 60 W.

Why choose Plantee over a hydroponic garden?

Although hydroponics and the use of water-based substrate is proving to be an exciting and beneficial agricultural method, home and hobby growers like us still benefit much more from “good, old-fashioned” soil substrate. Soil contains pH buffers that provide an important stable environment for root growth and is a much better choice for growing root vegetables like carrots and radishes. Hydroponics also requires a number of controlled additives to successfully grow plants. This is in direct contrast to the low-involvement method that the Plantee indoor greenhouse provides its owners. Last but not certainly not least, let’s not dismiss the centuries of knowledge we have on growing plants in soil. This allows plant enthusiasts and hobbyists to learn and share what they know on platforms such as Plantee’s care app, Planteebase!

What are Plantee's minimum and maximum temperatures?

The highest temperature Plantee can generate is 32°C / 90°F, which is the maximum tolerable temperature for most plants. The lowest is the room temperature of the room in which Plantee is placed.


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