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Proper lighting is crucial for your plants to thrive, as they use it to
photosynthesize and absorb nutrients. However, different plants have different lighting needs, and providing too little or too much light can harm and, in the worst cases, kill them!

Plantee's intelligent CPU-controlled LED lighting lets you can relax knowing your plants are getting just the right amount and duration of light they need to flourish.

As precise as the Sun!

Plants alter their growth based on many factors, and light exposure is one of the most well-known. Without the proper amount light or the right amount of time under the rays (also called a photoperiod), plants can get confused and even stop growing.

A light spectrum designed for plants

Plantee uses highly efficient LED chips specially developed for horticulture, providing your plants with the perfect spectrum of light containing both red and blue photons to promote healthy growth and blooming, as well as a dash of green to enhance their natural beauty.

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Plants and humans have one thing in common – we both need water to thrive! Every plant has its own water requirements, and it's easy to give them too much or too little water, potentially leading to discoloration, stunted growth, or rot.

Plantee’s automatic watering system bring peace of mind by ensuring your plant gets exactly how much water it needs when it needs it.

As right as rain

Plantee provides your plants with a refreshing rain-like watering experience just like in nature. With its flexible sprinkler, you can effortlessly adjust the water flow to target the trunk or evenly spread it over a wider surface area.

Total moisture control

The custom-designed soil moisture sensor reacts to your plant’s needs and environment in real time, effortlessly preventing overwatering or underwatering, and keeping even the thirstiest species happy.

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Cutting-edge infrared technology simulates the power of sunrays, creating the perfect indoor greenhouse effect tailored to your plant species. No matter what kind of plant you're growing, Plantee ensures it feels like it's basking in its favorite sun, even while sitting in your living room.

Sunrays at your fingertips

Plantee’s custom-made infrared panels emit 6 µm wavelength sunrays, perfect for heating plants in an energy-efficient way, so your plant can bask in the feeling of a real sun!

How does it work?

The infrared panel is designed with a simple concept. Hot objects emit infrared rays that can be sensed as heat by humans and plants. Plantee’s infrared panel has a thin heating element that maintains your plant’s preferred temperature but covered with a protective mesh that allows the rays to reach your plants without the risk of burning.

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Plants not only need sunrays to heat their leaves but also warmth from below to warm up their roots! Nutrients are best absorbed when the soil temperature is just right - not too hot, not too cold. And Plantee can ensure exactly that.

Maintaining the perfect soil temperature bring benefits such as optimal root growth and development, leading to stronger and healthier plants as well as increased yield and productivity. And if that isn’t enough, with Plantee’s soil temperature regulation, your seeds are more likely to sprout and your seedlings more likely to survive.

Just like floor heating

Plantee's base is equipped with a custom-made heater board that delivers just the right amount of heat for perfectly toasty roots.

Steady temps make happy plants

The built-in soil temperature probe automatically adjusts the heating power to ensure that your plants' roots stay just the right temperature - no more sweaty roots or cold feet!

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Plantee uses Wi-Fi to communicate with its Android and iOS mobile app, which makes it easy for you to take control of all the growing conditions. With the app, you can easily set your Plantee’s parameters and even download plant profiles from Planteebase.

Everything in one place

The app’s main screen provides convenient access all of your plant’s information.

How long you've been growing your plant, the light power setting, the current soil and plant temperature, the moisture level of the soil, and how much water is left in the tank is only some of the useful information easily found in the mobile app.

Do it yourself or let others help

You can choose between manual and automatic mode. In automatic mode, Plantee uses data from its expert-curated plant profile database to adjust the environmental variables to perfection for your specific plant.

But if you're feeling creative, manual mode gives you the freedom to experiment and customize the environmental conditions to your liking and your plant's preferences. The choice is yours!

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Plantee offers a variety of supplemental features to enhance your growing experience and help you enjoy the process to the fullest.


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